1. Breath Carolina - Savages

    Breath Carolina – Savages

    Electro emo five-piece Breathe Carolina have stepped into new territories with the release of their new album Savages. The release sees the Denver band mash together a mixture of alt-rock, metal and dance-pop all in one album. All polar opposites you might think, any more genres and it may as well be an edgy teenagers iPod on shuffle, however the band will surprise you. The new turf is very…

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  2. Dub Phizix & Strategy @ Southampton Roxx

    Dub Phizix & Strategy @ Southampton Roxx

    Britain, the land of classic entertainment duos – Morcambe and Wise, Harry and Paul, Ant and Dec(?), and from the world of drum & bass, Dub Phizix and Strategy. Known for their humorous offstage antics, the Mancunian DJ and MC combo shot to fame following their collaboration with Skeptical, the moody stomper ‘Marka’, back in 2011. Concluding the current four-part Raygun/Release run at…

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  3. Spectral Park @ Southampton Lennons

    Spectral Park @ Southampton Lennons

    Ever wondered what the best Psychedelic venue in the UK is? It’s Southampton’s Lennon’s bar, and it plays host to some terrific bands, and is renowned for its kaleidoscopic fuelled after parties.

    One of those bands are the city’s own Spectral Park, who took to the not-misty-for-once stage with their hobo chic and Fender allure and brought all the psychedelic trimmings along: pedals, long hair,…

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  4. The Used - Imaginary Enemy

    The Used – Imaginary Enemy

    Utah rockers, The Used are gearing up to take the music scene by storm once again with the release of their sixth studio album, Imaginary Enemy. Formed in 2001, the four piece exploded onto the scene with their songs ‘The Bird and the Worm’ and ‘All That I’ve Got’ earning them the top spot in the height of the emo years. Now, over a decade later, The Used divert away from their characteristic…

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  5. Skrillex - Recess

    Skrillex – Recess

    Sonny ‘Skrillex‘ Moore is a lot of things. Until this point, he’s essentially been the nu-metal of dance music – noisy, aggressive and somewhat defined by a questionable fashion choice. He’s the reason there’s a million and one unnecessary dubstep remixes of songs on YouTube that never needed a drop. He’s also one of the singularly biggest phenomena to emerge from the digital age of music, and…

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  6. The Bootleg Beatles @ Southampton Guildhall

    When you hear the words ‘tribute band’ you’re usually expecting a load of bad covers that just don’t do the originals any justice.


  7. Janelle Monáe - Heroes

    Janelle Monáe – Heroes

    Unlike many unimaginative covers, Janelle Monáe cannot be accused of merely singing over a carbon copy of the original in her rendition of David Bowie’s masterpiece ‘Heroes’. The electronic groove that Monáe’s version sits atop is just so outrageously danceable that you almost expect James Murphy’s croon to burst in at any second. Layers upon layers of the The Electric Lady’smajestic tone fill…

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  8. Imperial Leisure @ Southampton Joiners

    Ska music today is no more fashionable or even more relevant than nu metal or Sunny D.

  9. Kaiser Chiefs – Education, Education, Education and War

    The talent show trend of judges releasing albums to show their contestants how it is done, strikes again, with The Voice’s new judge…

  10. AA Meeting – Idiom

      Amidst the hustle and bustle of last months Takedown Festival, we managed to grab hold of Alt-Metal crew Idiom, interrogating them about their new EP, pre show rituals and Download festival.